What does your resume really say about you?

You toil over your resume, pouring your heart and soul into each job entry, ensuring each sentence is crisply worded and the layout is pixel perfect. But you get lukewarm responses, or worse, no response at all. Although there are many reasons unrelated to you directly for not getting a response, let’s read between the lines of your resume through the eyes of an employer. Continue reading “What does your resume really say about you?”

Be Worth Paying For

Just saying you want the job isn’t enough; prove you’re worth hiring by tracking your MSAs with an Achievement Journal.
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Show (don’t simply tell) an employer why they should hire you

Job seekers always ask us, “Why don’t my job applications and interviewing skills attract recruiters’ interest?” One of the most frequent answers we give is this: the employer wants to know how you can solve a business need, not read a list of skills and tasks. Continue reading “Be Worth Paying For”

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