Four Things Santa Claus Can Teach You About Your Job Search

Santa Claus: giver of gifts, eater of cookies. Once a year he travels the world at roughly 5.1 million mph and delivers gifts to children across the planet. While he probably isn’t thinking about looking for a new job anytime soon (you try finding a job where you get to work from home 363 days a year), his actions can give you some nice tips for your own job search. So while sugar plums are dancing in your head, consider these four lessons Santa can teach you about finding your next job:

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Should you drink coffee before an interview?

Coffee. Nectar of the gods. Fixer of the morning. If you’re a coffee person, the day doesn’t begin until you’ve had a cup (or three). Of course, coffee affects different people in different ways, so while you may be an avid coffee drinker, having excess caffeine running through your system isn’t always helpful in everything you do. Take interviews for example. Should you really be drinking something that, studies have shown, triggers anxiety? While it truly does come down to personal preference (you know what you can handle), here are some tips on making sure that your coffee (or green tea) doesn’t get in the way of a great interview.

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Three Red Flags Hiring Managers Look For in a Resume (And How to Fix Them)

When Hiring Managers receive hundreds of applications for a job, they aren’t initially spending much time combing through resumes to look for the most qualified candidates. Instead, they’re going to spend their time (typically about six seconds per resume, according to a CareerBuilder study) looking for red flags that will eliminate candidates from consideration. Which red flags are they looking for, and how can you make sure that you keep your resume out of the shredder? Let’s examine three of the most common offenders:

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‘Tis the Season… For Looking For a Seasonal Job

It may seem a bit early to start focusing on the holiday season, but if you are looking to secure a seasonal job in the coming months, it’s time to get moving. Most companies start hiring months in advance, and if you wait until spooky skeletons have been replaced by boughs of holly, it will be too late. Here are four tips that will help you find your seasonal job:

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Do you really need a cover letter?

“I love writing cover letters,” said no job seeker ever.

In the entire job search process, there are few things more maligned than the cover letter. In the age of online one-click applications, it seems like a tool of a bygone era, something that seemed to fit better way back in the first few years of the 21st century (if you can remember that far back). As you come across articles questioning the need to include a cover letter, and jobs that give the option to include one, you may question the need.  So, do you need a cover letter?

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Overthinking Can Ruin Your Job Search. Here Are Three Ways to Stop Doing It

Are you a chronic over-thinker? Do you find yourself thinking three steps ahead of a decision you’ve yet to make? Decision-making and job searches go together like chocolate and peanut butter, and over-thinking can become an issue if you are prone to it. While being able to think through different scenarios is a good quality for a job seeker to have, it’s rather easy to cross that line by questioning every step you take. Over-thinking can hurt your job search, and make prepping for an interview much harder than it needs to be. While it may seem like a hard habit to break, here are three things you can do to prevent over-thinking:

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