Want The Job? Three Important Tips for a Winning Resume


Do you have your eyes on a new job opening that’s right up your alley?  Are you looking to put together a resume that will grab the Hiring Managers attention and get your foot in the door? A winning resume is about more than just the skills and experience you have, it’s also about how you present them.  Here are three tips that will help you land that interview:

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Four Ways to Get the Most Out Of a Job Fair


Considering how much we rely on technology, it can be surprising that some of the best job search techniques were created long before iPhones and three-hour Avenger films. Networking, and making a one-on-one human connection, is still the most effective way to get a job, and there is no better place to do this than at a job fair. Wondering how to get the most out of your job fair experience? Here are four things you need to do:

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Let’s Do Lunch (Interviews)


Would you like fries or a salad with your entree? How about a refill on your iced tea? These are not the type of questions you would typically be asked during a job interview, but in the case of a lunch interview, you can expect to hear them alongside “Tell me a little bit about yourself” and “What is your biggest weakness?” While you shouldn’t expect a lunch interview in your job search, they are common enough that you should know how to navigate them. Let’s tackle a few of the most commonly asked questions people have about these types of interviews:

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What Are Your Biggest Strengths? How to Answer the Most Common Interview Question


“What are your biggest strengths?” – Every Hiring Manager in Every Job Interview

According to Glassdoor, this is the most common interview question Hiring Managers ask during an interview. In other words: you will be asked this question, in some form or another.

So… how should you answer it?

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Three Things You Should Never Do When Looking For A New Job While Employed


Thinking about taking your talents to a new company? With low unemployment, it’s a job seekers’ market, so it makes sense that you may want to dip your toes into what else is out there, even if you still like your current job. It never hurts to explore and learn more about your market value. You’ve spent all these years mastering your skills, so why not see how much these skills are worth at other companies?

So how exactly do you pull off a job search on the down low without your current employer finding out? Mostly, it’s about keeping your search as separate as possible from your daily work life and making sure you don’t make some easily avoidable mistakes. Such as:

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How to Absolutely, Positively Make Sure You Arrive For Your Interview On Time


Got a job interview in a few days? You probably have a lot on your mind, and unfortunately, not all of it is good (where are those lucky socks?). While you may be focused on the things you think you can’t control, let’s put your mind at ease about one thing: you can absolutely, positively make it to your interview on time. No, it’s not magic; you just have to follow three easy steps:

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