Study Shows That Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers agree on one thing: Work/Life Balance


You’ve all read the articles and heard the stories: Millennials are so different from the previous generations. If you were to believe everything you heard, you would imagine that Boomers and Millennials wouldn’t agree on anything. The funny thing is, in a recent study we found that Millennials, Boomers, and that oft-forgotten about generation in the middle, Gen Xers, agree on most things including what keeps them happy at their job.

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So You Want to Hire an Intern? Strategies for a Successful Internship Program


Hiring Interns

Smart companies know that the benefits of hiring an intern go far beyond having someone to do coffee runs for the department. Interns can be field-tested potential hires who already know your culture, and will require minimal on-boarding and training. If well-chosen and mentored, they can be excellent investments towards your company’s growth and succession planning. In addition, happy interns are great ambassadors. They can help you attract and build a robust candidate pool – a great benefit particularly when the talent market is tight. Here are several best practices to successfully attract, nurture and manage interns so everyone gets the best out of the internship: Continue reading “So You Want to Hire an Intern? Strategies for a Successful Internship Program”

6 Quick Questions that Determine Cultural Fit

Cultural Fit


Smart employers recognize the importance of culture and complementary work styles on employee engagement, retention, and team effectiveness. Increasingly, prospective employees are also prioritizing fit and appreciate employers who demonstrate they take question of fit seriously. So, with everything else you need to accomplish in an interview from selling the opportunity to evaluating the candidate’s skills and experience, how can you best determine fit? Here are some sample questions that can help you. Continue reading “6 Quick Questions that Determine Cultural Fit”

Don’t Get Fooled by Resume White Lies

Resume Fraud

April Fool’s Day can be fun, thanks to harmless office pranks and the like. What isn’t fun is when employers get fooled into hiring less-than-qualified people, thanks to resume fraud. With more candidates jockeying for interview time, you are likely to come across resumes containing white lies – or even downright fraudulent information. Undetected resume fraud can cost you, your team and even your company down the road. Here are warning signs to watch for so it doesn’t happen on your watch. While many of a candidate’s claims can be verified with background checks, these checks aren’t usually conducted until late in the hiring process, after you have invested time and energy in interviewing the candidate – and your team is most likely invested in their future colleague. Here’s what to look out for so that the joke’s not on you: Continue reading “Don’t Get Fooled by Resume White Lies”

Tiebreaker: How to Decide When You Have Selected Your Top Potential Hires


You’ve done all the right things: wrote a comprehensive job description, reviewed countless resumes, met and interviewed several hopefuls. Now your hard work has paid off and you are down to two (or three) top candidate picks. When faced with several viable candidates, how do you decide? Here are some desirable employee traits you can use to determine who would not just be a good hire, but a great addition to your team:


  • Who is the best cultural fit? Every organization has its own personality and some people will fit into your culture better than others. If your team tends to be quiet and focused, the soft-spoken person may fit in better than the chatterbox. However, if you have a loud and rocking team you may want to go with the gregarious person over the wallflower. Think about who you and your team would most like to work with day after day and who would most like to work with your team.


  • Who is more adaptable? As much as we try, work can be unpredictable. From backing up a coworker who is suddenly unavailable, to company changes that require learning new methods and tools – changes can cause stress. Some employees deal with it better than others. It’s important to determine if your potential new hire can roll with the punches, and remain positive and productive in the face of change. To test for adaptability, ask for examples of when they had to adjust on the fly.


  • Who is a natural fit for the job? Most people want to do their best, but there are some gems who will succeed because they truly care about the work they do – simply because it fits so well with their personalities. If you are looking for a Project Manager, who is more detail-oriented and proud of their previous projects? Which Customer Service Representative is more of a people person? Which Front Desk Admin is naturally cheerful and organized?



3 Ways To Keep Pace With Top Talent Using Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting

Job seekers are increasingly using their mobile devices such smartphones and tablets to look for opportunities. From browsing for job openings to filling out applications to researching potential employers, mobile devices have become the job search tool of choice for more and more Americans. Today’s job seekers no longer view recruitment videos, job notifications, and recruiter feedback as novelties – they expect them, right away and right at their fingertips. Here are three ways you can make your recruitment efforts go the extra mile with mobile recruiting and attract top talent: Continue reading “3 Ways To Keep Pace With Top Talent Using Mobile Recruiting”

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