What Are Your True Top Priorities During Your Job Search?


At this very moment, there are millions of jobs available in the United States. Finding the one that is the right fit for you is all about knowing your personal and professional priorities are. Before you embark on your job search, here is a quick, three-step plan to not only define your priorities, but also help you figure out what is currently most important in your career, and what you may be willing to over-look if needed. Continue reading “What Are Your True Top Priorities During Your Job Search?”

This Is How You Sell Yourself During A Job Interview!


A job interview is about selling yourself to the hiring manager. This means not just talking about yourself, but talking about yourself in a way that demonstrates why the company should hire you. It’s about showing your strengths without losing your humility, and knowing what to highlight and where to end your answers. Here are four points that will help you showcase your strengths during an interview without sounding like you are all about yourself: Continue reading “This Is How You Sell Yourself During A Job Interview!”

These Four Tips Will Help You Get Your Friend a Job

refer a friend

Referring a friend to a new job may sound easy enough, but some referrals are more effective than others. Sure, you could just forward a resume and maybe include a nice note endorsing your friend, but what else can you do to give your friend the best shot at getting the job? These four steps will help you to help your friend, and if you’re looking for work yourself, consider forwarding this to friends who want to help you! Continue reading “These Four Tips Will Help You Get Your Friend a Job”

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