How Note-Taking Can Be the Key to Interview Success


Job interviews move quickly, so quickly that they can sometimes feel disorienting. Doing the prep work and mock interviews can help you properly prepare for the interview, but once you are face to face with the Hiring Manager, note-taking can make a major difference in making sure you hit the right points when selling yourself as the ideal candidate.

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Looking to the Long Term: How to Create Job Security for Yourself


Can you see yourself happily staying with your current company long-term? If job security is something that you seek, you need to consider making yourself the kind of indispensable employee that your company needs to keep around. It’s not just about working hard, there are some strategies that you can use to gain the professional security you desire. For example:

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Applying to Jobs Where You Aren’t a Perfect Match


What should you do when you run across a job ad that seems almost perfect for your skill level and experience, but is asking for an item that you don’t quite possess yet? Hiring Advisors typically write job descriptions with the “perfect” candidate in mind, and while they may be aiming for the stars, they understand that they may have to sacrifice a couple of their “must-have” credentials. So yes, you should apply for these types of jobs, even if you may be missing a few of the key items, and these tips will give you the best chance at securing the job:

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Three Strategic Salary Negotiation Tips for Successful Hiring

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With unemployment down and candidate scarcity increasingly becoming a real challenge, employers have identified hiring as a top workforce priority they need to solve for growth. One key aspect of hiring is salary negotiation. While successful salary negotiation has the immediate benefit of helping you secure the applicant you wish to hire long-term, it can also impact employee engagement and even retention. Here’s how you can get your money’s worth while making a worthwhile offer to prospective hires:

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