Questions to Ask Your Interviewer


So you’re nearing the end of your interview when your interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” Many applicants are caught off-guard; after all, aren’t you supposed to answer questions rather than ask them? However, this query can actually be a golden opportunity to impress your interviewer and learn more about the company. Here are five ways that you can respond when your interviewer asks you for questions.

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Paths To Success: Five Career Lessons To Learn From Indra Nooyi

PathToSuccess_nooyi (1).png

When Indra Nooyi left her home in south India to study at Yale, she departed with the understanding that doing so would make her “an absolutely unmarriageable commodity.” Today, the investment has paid off—Nooyi is both married and the CEO of the giant multinational food and drink company, PepsiCo. Here are five career lessons that you can learn from the woman in charge of Lay’s, Pepsi, Cheetos and Doritos.

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