Nurture a Culture that Engages Employees (and Boosts Business!)


In celebration of Easter, here’s a question along the lines of which comes first, the chicken or the egg: is employee engagement the result of good business and perks like better pay, or does good business happen because employees are engaged? A Gallup study confirmed what many smart employers already know: engaged employees produce better business outcomes than other employees do– across industries, company sizes and nationalities, and in good economic times and bad.

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3 Easy Ways to Reach Out to Your Network on Social Media …With Minimal Clicks


Think you are too busy to fit some networking into your day? What if I told you that you could do some of your most important networking in a matter of seconds in the course of a normal Social Media session.  Your favorite social sites have made it insanely easy to reach out to your network and let them know that you are there for them, for example:

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Leave These Three Things Off Your Resume If You Want An Interview


Writing a resume can be tough, but editing it down can be more challenging. There is a natural inclination to try to share our full work histories. However, just as it is hard to hear a conversation in a noisy environment, it can be hard for a hiring manager to find relevant experience in an overloaded resume. As you work towards an easily digestible resume that says “I am the right person for this job,” these items need to go:

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Job Searches Are Better with the Buddy System


The buddy system works for more than just field trips and summer camps. Instead of making your job search a solitary affair, team up with a friend and tackle your search in tandem. Pairing with a friend will help you find more opportunities, perfect your interview style, and give you the support you need throughout the process. Getting the most from your buddy search method is easy to do if you follow these steps:

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