How to Keep Your ‘Keepers’

In today’s economic climate, we need to focus on employee retention and morale. With a tight market, employers face the challenges of finding and keeping good employees. Retaining your employees, especially your top performers, is critical for your business’s success.

A way to make sure that you do keep those top performers is to develop an Employee Retention Plan. Companies who have the most talented and experienced personnel will deliver above average results with an Employee Retention Plan.

To develop this type of plan you need to discover the most important drivers for Morale and Satisfaction. Your overall Employee Retention Toll depends on many factors such as overall atmosphere, culture, and employee development (just to name a few).

Employee Surveys are especially good tools for helping you understand your employees and what drives your Retention. Employee Surveys are used for measuring employee satisfaction and identify important issues for your employees.

Every company is different so it is important to understand what motivates your staff.

Our company prides itself on improving morale through effective rewards and recognition systems. Our achievements and recognitions are extremely important for employee satisfaction companywide because everyone likes to see the results of their work and in what ways they contribute to the organization.

Retention of your best employees starts with your recruiting, staffing and hiring strategies. Staffing firms, such as AppleOne, help companies with Retention Plans by proactively recruiting for top talent and maintaining an experienced workforce for your company’s needs. This workforce is comprised of employees who are ready to work and looking for a company with a solid employee-base.

Incorporating a few of the above suggestions will keep your employees morale high in these lean economic times and hopefully well beyond.

Companies with a solid workforce in place are the companies that are thriving these days. Are you part of a thriving company?

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