Must Read Articles for Managers-Week Ending October 26th

Here is our latest collection of “Must Read” articles collected from AppleOneHires Twitter feed.  Enjoy!


Why the Unemployed Are Better Workers by Fran Hopkins in AOL Jobs

“I want to counter the employer’s excuses for not hiring the unemployed with my own list of five factual reasons why employers SHOULD hire the unemployed.”


How to Attract Top Talent to Your Brand – from American Express Open Forum

“Most small-business owners spend their time and energy trying to build a good reputation among their customers and prospects. But do they care about what their employees think of them?”


6 Reasons Layoffs are Really Dumb by Erik Sherman in

“It seems like smart just-in-time staffing: You hire for big projects and then let people go when they wrap up. But here’s why it hurts more than it helps.”

65% of Americans Choose a Better Boss Over a Raise by Ty Kiisel in

“In a survey of  1000 American Executives McQuaid found a “whopping” 35 percent of Americans are happy at their job. And, 65 percent say a better boss would make them happy. Only 35 percent say a pay raise will do the same thing.”

Social Media

Social Recruting Demystified: Debunking 11 Common Myths by Jonah Manning at the Bullhorn Reach blog

“A former dark horse of the recruiting world, social recruiting and internet sourcing have had lots of time to accumulate some big, big, myths. Some staffing and recruiting leaders have held onto these myths because social recruiting and sourcing are still fairly new concepts.  In order to be truly successful with social recruiting, ignore these dangerous and inaccurate myths”


Employment Law Basics: Coming to Terms with Workplace Harrassment by Mark Toth at

“Here is basically everything you need to know about harassment law in one handy post.”

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