Happy 50th Birthday, AppleOne!

April 4, 2014 marks the official 50th anniversary of AppleOne, the staffing organization of the Act•1 Group!

Staying Green is Golden!

Customarily recognized as the Golden Anniversary, 50 years is more than a lifetime for many companies. Yet, at this milestone, AppleOne is enjoying the perfectly balanced strength of earned and continuous knowledge engagement – simply put – Evergreen Growth. Started in 1964 by Bernie Howroyd as a staffing office in mid-Los Angeles, AppleOne merged into the Act•1 Group with the successful strategy of delivering full circle, trusted consultancy and support to our clients. We know that we are stronger than ever because our desire to better fulfill your needs is met, and depended upon by you. We count ourselves successful because we have helped you grow.

As Act•1 Group, we are a heavily awarded and recognized global Woman- and Minority-owned human resources organization, and we live steadfastly upon four values that are the FEET upon which we grow:

Freedom to Innovate

Excellence in Delivery

Everything Matters, and

Time to Understand.

We are continuing to evolve as a global partner to our customers, mainly because we invest the care to understand needs at a local level.  Importantly, it is teamwork internally, and with our customers, that allow us to celebrate 50 years as just the beginning of our growth.  Supported by people, technology and processes that “keep the humanity in human resources”, we are positioned for many years of continued service and growth.  As Bernie Howroyd often says, “When you’re green, you grow.  When you’re ripe, you rot!”

At this 50th Anniversary, we are thankful to you for your partnership.  We commit to staying Green as we help you Grow!

Together we Grow. Together…We Win! 

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