Interviewing Etiquette and Best Interview Practices

Ok, you landed the interview – but where do you go from here?  How do you make sure you rock the interview and land the job?

Check out this infographic is brought to you by the Rasmussen College – Career Services team.  The infographic covers what to do before, during and after an interview and includes some great best practices.

Pre-interview checklist:

  • Do your research
  • Organize your resume and other materials to take to interview
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Give yourself plenty of time


Interview checklist:

  1. Give a firm handshake
  2. Don’t dominate the conversation
  3. Pay attention to your posture
  4. Smile
  5. Be polite
  6. Wait until the end of the interview to discuss money
  7. Do not chew gum or eat candy
  8. Use the interviewers name


Check out the rest of the advice below:

Rasmussen College

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