Making Compelling Candidate Offers

Studies have shown that applicants reject nearly one in five job offers. While just a few years ago applicants would take just about any job that came their way, as we find our way out of the “Great Recession” things are changing. Applicants do not just want a job; they want a job that matches their specific needs. While AppleOne can help you get the right candidate for the job, when you recruit on your own you may find that applicants are being pickier about where they choose to work. If you find that applicants are turning down your offers, here are some reasons you might be losing candidates that you like:

Competition Is Heating Up

Because there is so much competition, you need to sell your candidates on why they should choose you over a rival company. Your candidate has other options that they are considering; you need to sell your candidate both on the job and your company in all steps of the process.

Growing Number of Top Candidates Are Already Employed

Many potential candidates are already employed. Candidates are ready to consider a new opportunity, but you need to give them something better than what they have currently. If you run across a candidate who is already employed, give them a reason to choose your company. Show them how their professional life would improve with a switch, whether it is with more money, a better working environment, or a better overall experience. You need to convince them that they can go to “next level” with you. While doing this, though, protect yourself against a counter offer that may cause them to think twice at the critical moment. The 2015 SCALE Guide will help you reduce the risk of counter offers.

Time Is Of the Essence

With top candidates being snapped up quickly, if you are taking too much time evaluating them you may find that your first choice is no longer available, or even your second or third. While it may take you a few days to find the best candidate for the job, you shouldn’t take a minute longer than you need to. If candidates that you like are going elsewhere because of other offers, you may need to look for ways to streamline your hiring process.



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