Thank You to Our Associates of the Month!

We can all appreciate how hectic the holidays can be. Thanks to AppleOne’s outstanding Temporary Associates, many of us are able to take a short breather to spend time with our loved ones, celebrate and even take a few moments to recharge for the coming year. We are always proud of all of our associates, and would like to applaud and thank some of very talented, dedicated and wonderful professionals who helped us deliver on our clients’ needs –and exceed their expectations!

Adriane C.

Adriane L.

Aimee D.

Aimee F.

Aimee L.

Alondra R.

Andrew D.

Antonette F.

Araceli C.

Bee K.

Bin H.

Binh C.

Brittany B.

Carey G.

Carlene W.

Catherine M.

Cathy C.

Chan C.

Charles E.

Charlie G.

Chris O.

Christian O.

Christina D.

Christine A.

Christy B.

Constance E.

Daniela C.

Daniela G.

Darrell R.

Deborah H.

Debrah B.

Deena L.

Destiny E.

Earma H.

Ellen W.

Enedina P.

Eric D.

Erica S.

Ericka C.

Erika B.

Erika Q.

Freddy A.

Gisselle P.

Greg B.

Guadalupe C.

Hannah S.

Holly M.

Isela R.

Janine L.

Jeaniece S.

Jeri W.

Jerry S.

Jigna P.

Judy P.

Juwon M.

Karen P.

Kelly V.

Kimberly C.

Lacy H.

Lisa F.

Lizeth D.

Lori E.

Mandy M.

Maria A.

Michelle H.

Monique M.

Nina L.

Pilar V.

Quindel P.

Rickey H.

Rodly A.

Ronda L.

Shahab V.

Shameka G.

Shante W.

Sherry G.

Stephanie M.

Tama H.

Veonist G.

Yixin C.



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