What Motivates Professionals to Switch Jobs


A recent LinkedIn study showed that 72% of workers are either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their job. Only 14% said they were dissatisfied. However, the study also showed that a whopping 85% of workers were either open to a job change or currently looking for a change. If you are trying to recruit top talent you must know what will attract working professionals if you want access to the widest and most talented pool possible, And, if you are trying to hold onto your top performers you need to understand why they may be looking to move. Here are three of the top reasons current employees may consider a change.

They Are Looking for an Opportunity for Advancement

Passive candidates are typically looking for opportunities for advancement. If you are trying to retain your best employees make sure to give them a clear path for advancement so they know where they are going and how you will help them get there. If you are recruiting, be open to considering working professionals who have the skills but may not have the title yet.

They Want a Better Work/Life Balance

Many working professionals are thinking about switching to gain a better work/life balance. They still work hard and will achieve great things for their employers but they want a little more control over their schedules. Some positions do require strict hour keeping, but if you can offer flextime or some work-from home days, this is a tremendous boost that will keep your employees happy or instantly make your position more appealing to a large group of very productive working professionals.

They Want Better Compensation and Benefits

One of the top motivators for switching jobs is the need for better compensation and benefits. While it may not be surprising to learn that professional are looking for better pay, it is important to remember that benefits are important as well. Be sure to review job ads to see what your competitors are offering and check with a resource such as AppleOne’s SCALE salary guide for appropriate compensation for your positions.

It doesn’t matter if they are happy or not with the jobs they have, passive candidates may be spending at least some time looking for or talking about a move. It is important to identify why they may want to move in order to attract or keep the best employees.



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