Tips for Following Up After a Job Interview

So you have had your job interview and you are cautiously optimistic. You felt like you made a good impression and that every answer you gave was spot on. While you may feel good about your chances, this is not the time to completely “check out” mentally. You need to stay focused and do what is necessary to get yourself the job. If you are going to give yourself the best chance of getting the job, here are three tips for following up after a job interview: 

Write Down Your Thoughts Immediately Following The Interview

Before you do anything else after a job interview, you want to write down what just occurred. Keep a journal or notepad in your car where you can write down the questions that were asked and the answers that you gave as well as your overall feelings on the interview. Take note of the culture and traits that are desired in the company, and then ask yourself how you can standout above others who may have been interviewed for the job. While you may not know exactly what other interviewees are saying or what their qualifications are, you can use your own qualifications to figure out where you fit in with the needs of the employer. Finally, write down how you are going to ask for the job later on. Be as thorough as possible in all of this, as it will help you down the line. If AppleOne sent you on the assignment, make sure that you contact your representative to let them know how the interview went as soon as you are done with your notes.

Write a Constructive Thank You Letter Within 24 Hours

It is important that you send a personalized thank you letter to everyone you spoke with at the office. When you write a thank you letter be gracious, appreciative and enthusiastic (without being overwhelming, of course).  You want to use your notes to write a letter that shows that you have really thought about the job and are seriously considering how you fit and can succeed. Cover all of the traits that they were looking for in an employee, and include how you can help with pressing tasks. You want to show how you stand out over the other interviewees by being as thorough as possible in the letter, as it is a great opportunity to add any important information in support of your application that you may have neglected to mention in the interview. The letter should be three paragraphs in length. The first should express your appreciation for the interview, while the second should offer an additional reason for the employer to be interested in you for the job. The final paragraph should plant the idea in the employers head that you expect to hear from them again. Finish the letter by asking for the job. Never beg; find a constructive way to ask for it. Indicate that you are willing to come in and discuss the position further, if appropriate timing.

Follow Up With The Company Via E-Mail Or Phone

While it is important to send a thank you letter, it should not be your only communication with the company. Do not wait on an answer on the job, you must be productive and follow up. A brief e-mail inquiry about the job is okay, as is a polite phone call. If the hiring manager said it would take a week to complete the hiring process and it has been ten days, it is okay to contact them and ask them where they are in the process. You don’t want to be a pest, but you do want to show the company that you want the job. Often employers watch for people to be proactive as an evaluation step.

As you are waiting to hear about the job it pays to stay positive. You did your best in the interview so far. Think like you are going to get the job as it will help show positivity when you make your follow-up phone calls and e-mails. The last thing you want to do is sound sad or desperate when you follow-up with the company. Then get back on your job search. Do not sit idle.


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