Bringing Temporary Employees In For a New Project

Has the New Year brought approval for new projects or do you have projects that are left over from the holidays? Now is the time to lay the ground work for success and that means ensuring you have the time, expertise and resources needed to pull them off. While you may have employees that you trust to work on the projects, there are several circumstances in which it makes sense to bring in project-based temporary employees to help.

Your Existing Employees Lack Time

One of the biggest challenges that come along with a new project is the amount of time it can take to get it off the ground. This is typically because your existing employees are overwhelmed with all of the work they have while trying to launch a new initiative. Temporary staffing allows you to bring in dedicated people who aren’t distracted by existing projects. Their jobs are to work on the projects you present them, not to balance other projects.

Your Existing Employees Lack Required Skills

Often projects require knowledge or expertise that current staff might lack. You can bring in dedicated professionals to run the project and facilitate the knowledge transfer to the current staff. A new project may include work that your current employees aren’t familiar with in their daily routines. When you bring in dedicated professionals with experience in said work, they won’t only be able to help with the project but also train others on how to properly do their work.

You Are Unsure About the Levels of Resources Required

At the start of a project it may be hard to estimate how many people you need. With temporary or temp-to-hire you can divert staffing levels as the situation dictates and arrive at the ideal staffing mix. This also allows you to keep some employees on other important detail while the projects are being taken care of.



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