Four Thank You Note Pointers


So you have completed your job interview and you feel you did a great job presenting yourself.  While it is time to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, the process is not over. Even if you feel like you had a near-perfect interview, you still need to write a well-crafted thank you note (or notes) to those that you met. Not sending a thank you note is enough to put you out of the running for a job; sending a subpar thank you note could have the same effect. Because you don’t want to send a form letter devoid of information, here are four important tips to remember when sending a thank you note:

Don’t Make It Sound Like a Form Letter

While you might be using a template for your thank you note, it is important that you write in such a way that the letter feels personalized. Use specific language from the interview and keep a professional, yet friendly, tone. NEVER use “To Whom It May Concern” when addressing the note or use generalized terms when talking about the interview. Be gracious and express appreciation for the opportunity while explaining to them why you would be a great match for their company.

Mention Any Information You Neglected To Mention In the Interview

Did you leave the interview kicking yourself because you did not mention an accomplishment? Your thank you note is your opportunity to do so. With that said, don’t just make your note a list of items that you forgot to mention in the interview, weave them into the text to make the wording look more natural. Even if you feel like you covered everything in the meeting, continue to sell yourself through the note.

Send A Personalized Letter To Each Person You Meet

Did you meet with a group of five people during your interview? Don’t just send a letter to one or two of the individuals, make sure that you send a personalized note to each one. It’s important to collect a business card from each person you meet, so that you know who to send your notes to. Personalize each note as they may be attached to your resume. If the person deciding whether or not you get hired notices that there are five similar notes there, your notes may have less impact.

Drop Off the Note(s) At the Front Desk Following the Interview

While you can fill out part of the thank you note before the interview, you want to fill out a majority of it immediately after the interview before leaving it with the receptionist at the front desk. Not only will you be able to personalize the note with interview information while it is still fresh in your mind, but you can also get the note in the right hands quickly. You want to strike while you are fresh in the interviewer’s mind.  Interviewers may see dozens of candidates per day; you want them to know that the thank you note is from you.



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