Did You Backlog a New Hire to Finish a Project?

The year is moving quickly. Plans to bring in new employees for Q1 may have been put aside so that you could finish projects. Now that Q2 is almost upon us and we will soon be in spring, putting this hiring off any longer may begin to affect you and the projects you committed to completing this year. While bringing in new employees on a full-time basis is important, it’s not always easy to do. The amount of candidate choices that employers once enjoyed is largely diminished; employers are fighting for job seekers, not the other way around. With this in mind, instead of going through the hiring process with just your resources, it may make more sense to outsource to a staffing partner. Here are two very important ways that a staffing company can help you with the process:

Attract Better Choices

Chances are, you have an ideal candidate that you would like to find for your position. They won’t just have the skills needed to take on your projects, but they will also have the right personality to thrive in your company. When you write a job posting, it has to be compelling enough to get the attention of qualified individual and motivate them to respond. Active job seekers respond to any job posting, but qualified professionals only respond to the ones that they are interested in and seemingly qualified for. A staffing company uses daily analytics and 24-7 experience to attract more of the right applicants.

Attract More Choices

The wider your regional exposure to qualified talent, the better hire you can make. The typical employer usually searches on an as-needed basis and draws candidates from three to six sources. Staffing companies are always sourcing and maintain an engaged pipeline of ready-to-work talent and can draw talent from 25 or more sources.

The average job posting can receive hundreds of resumes. With this many responses and only a couple of weeks to reach people before they get snatched up, you may find yourself rushing through resumes, not really taking the time to notice the winners. A staffing company can handle the volume in a timely manner, and present you with a handful of potential employees quicker.

Hire Now!

While you ultimately have the decision on who to hire, a staffing service is going to be the quickest way to find the real gems or a diamond in the rough.

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