Global Entrepreneur Janice Bryant Howroyd To Give Keynote Speech At Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s Diversify 2015

ACT•1 Group Founder and CEO Janice Bryant Howroyd is set to give the keynote speech in Tennessee at the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s Diversify 2015. As AppleOne’s parent company, the ACT•1 Group serves more than 13,000 clients globally and ranks second on the Black Enterprise Magazine BE 100 List.

Mrs. Bryant Howroyd will be sharing her journey to success, which includes driving ACT•1 Group’s strategic global expansion, during a luncheon on Wednesday, June 24th at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

“Entrepreneur Janice Bryant Howroyd, the first African-American female to direct a billion-dollar enterprise, gives our keynote speech and we know people will want to hear her inspirational story,” said Maria Noel, Director of African American Business Development at the Chattanooga Chamber said about the event. “We’ve got a global population that’s growing. We’ve got people who are coming from other cities, young entrepreneurs.” Noel and the event organizers are expecting more than 700 attendees.

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