To Get the Job Offer, You Have To Know Why They Should Hire You

During a job interview, you may be asked why the company should hire you. Since it can be hard to put into words what exactly makes you the best fit for a job, you want to put some thought into the answer before you go in for your interview. Research and focus will help you craft something that will thoroughly answer their question. Here are the things to remember when answering why you should be hired at a position:

Demonstrate That You Can Make a Contribution That Is Worth Paying For

When answering the question, your goal is to position yourself as a solution worth paying for. You want to give examples regarding how you can either make them or save them money in the long-run. Make your response quantifiable and be tangible. If you have examples from your last employer, use them. For example, if you saved your former company money by implementing a program, mention that in your answer. Don’t forget to include the actual amount of money that you saved.

Show Them That You Would Enjoy Doing the Job and That You Would Fit In Well In Their Culture

The second half of your answer should help confirm that you are a culture fit for the company. They want to hire someone that likes them, that would enjoy doing the job, and has something in common with their culture. Tell them, in so many words, that you would absolutely LOVE to work with them and that you would enjoy your job on a daily basis. Show that you are a great fit for the job you are interviewing for. Also, compliments go a long way. If you can complement the company in your answer, do it.

An Example of Putting It All Together

“While at my last employer, I was able to save them over $20,000 a year by implementing an inventory checklist. I feel confident that by bringing these types of ideas and enthusiasm to your company, I will be able to add to the success of your organization. Additionally, I have been very impressed with your strong team leadership and high expectations, and I would enjoy the opportunity to work hard for someone like you.”

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