3 Reasons Why More Smart Employers are Hiring Less Experienced Talent

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In view of the growing talent deficit, more employers are beginning to relax their job requirements to avoid productivity gaps. What many are discovering is that hiring so-called “underqualified talent” is an underrated strategy that can pay both immediate and long-term dividends:

Quickly Fill Productivity Gaps

Hiring less experienced staff means productivity deficits are filled sooner – and lost output is minimized. More than half (54%) percent of employers are struggling to find people with the right skills to fill posts. In many cases, it takes around 90 days for advertised positions to get filled. Rather than sacrifice months of productivity due to lack of qualified talent, consider someone with the fundamental skills and career potential to fill the productivity gap.


Diamonds in the Rough Often Cost Less

The lower cost of hiring less experienced workers can offset the reduced productivity or additional training that is required. In many cases, new hire success is not determined by qualifications, but on the new hire’s attitude: enthusiasm for learning, willingness to be a team player, motivation and even openness to (constructive!) criticism.  In many cases, employers who hire diamonds in the rough are happy to discover they have trained and invested in actual gems.


Less Turnover, More Loyalty

No matter what level of experience, many employees consider their feelings for their employer a huge factor when planning their future move. A fledgling employee that you take under your wing and train to realize their potential could, down the road, be not only a superstar, but also your biggest champion. With retention and engagement being a big challenge for employers, having people who sing you praises to both current and existing employees can be priceless.

While there are positions that definitely require specific skills and levels of experience, it could be to your advantage to review your open positions to see where you can hire for potential and attitude. As an employer you hold the cards, and opening doors to less experienced but bright, motivated and high-potential talent might be a powerful ace to have up your sleeve.

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