Hit a Home Run During An Interview By Gathering Company Information


The best way to prepare for a job interview is to do your research. It’s not enough to simply read over the “About Us” page of their website, try to determine their company culture, major projects, and anything else that will give you an edge. If you are able to talk about the company, including specifics, you will have a leg-up on the competition. Here are three important things to remember when it comes to showing you know about a company during a job interview:

Asking Questions Is A Great Way To Show You’ve Researched The Company

During your interview, you are going to have the opportunity to ask your interviewer questions. These questions are an excellent way to show that you’ve done your research and are actively thinking about how you will fit into the organization and what you can contribute. While you will have a chance to ask questions towards the end of the interview, try to weave them throughout the interview to not only get information about the job, but also to show that you have done your research. For example:

“I read on your website that you are looking to expand into the Southwest Region in the next couple of years. I’m from the Orlando area and have recent experience dealing with tax laws in Florida. Is Florida on your roadmap?”

Talk About How You Will Thrive With Them

Companies are looking to hire candidates who will thrive in their new position. One of the best ways to prove this is to use researched information to show how you would fit and excel. Instead of just saying that you would be a great match with the company culture, give examples of how you would thrive by citing examples from their website, social media pages, and company blog postings. By weaving in this information, you can show that you have done your research, and that you will be a perfect addition to their team. For example:

“I saw on your Facebook page that you have weekly potlucks. Not only do I love to cook, but at International Widgets I volunteered to put together potlucks for birthdays and special events.”

Be Ready With Facts And Figures

Having in-depth information on a company will show that you are better prepared than the average candidate. Being able to rattle off information regarding current projects, recent achievements, or relevant historical information will look impressive in the eyes of the hiring manager. Do specific research on the department you are looking to join. For example, if you are applying for a marketing job, know the number of followers they have on Facebook or LinkedIn, and style of their blog posts.

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