Interviewing Like a Pro – How to Handle Questions That Invite Negativity


As a general rule, you want to keep negativity out of a job interview. Even when you are asked a question that has negative connotations, it is important that you answer as positively as possible, even if you have to be a little creative. Take the question “What interests you the least about this position” as an example. There are ways to stay positive, and move onto more positive subjects, in your answer. Here are three “positive” ways you can answer the question:

Answer the Question You Wish You’d Been Asked

In public relations, they teach you to “spin” a question in order to give a positive answer. One way to do this is to answer the question that you wish you’ve been asked. While you can touch on the question, you ultimately will use the answer as a way to show yourself in a positive light. Instead of answering with a list of what you aren’t interested in, talk about how well you adapt to new types of work. For example:

 “I’m interested in excelling in all aspects of my job. I believe that every part of the job is important, and I pride myself in adapting to new types of work. My former manager at Widgets Worldwide would praise me for being able to keep on top of all parts of my job.”

Pick Something That Will Not Be a Problem in Your Overall Hirability

If you do choose to answer the question, be sure to pick something that will not be a problem with your overall hirability. Think of something that a hiring manager won’t hold against you, while adding a positive spin at the end to show how the item will end up being a positive thing for you. For example:

 “You know I really like to focus on the positive, so that’s a tricky one. If I had to pick something that stood out to me in the job description it is the fact that you have hour lunches. I prefer to keep moving during my business day, so I like shorter lunch breaks. With that said, this will allow me to enjoy some socializing during lunch, which will allow me to better equate myself with the team.”

Keep the Interview Moving By Asking a Question to Change The Subject 

Even if you can keep things positive during a negative question, it’s best to move on as quickly as possible to the next part of an interview. To do this, ask a question to change the subject. For example:

 “I’m interested in excelling in all aspects of my job. One aspect of my job that I feel is my strongest suit is tapping new markets. I’ve read that you are looking to expand into the European market in the next couple of years. With my position, how would I help the company bring in European clients?”

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