Acing Your Job Interview: Little Things to Give You Confidence


An air of confidence separates superstar candidates from other applicants. Here are 4 secret tips that will boost your confidence and put you into the right frame of mind for the interview:

Strike a Power Pose

Researchers have found that assuming a power pose can increase your feelings of power and confidence. Sometimes called a superman pose, you stand with legs slightly apart, hands on hips, chest inflated and head held high. Try this for 30 seconds to a minute in a private location such as at home before you drive to the interview or in a restroom. You’ll feel the confidence wash over you.

Get Your Clothes Cleaned and Pressed

Feeling like the best dressed person in the room will give you a mental advantage in your interview. Whether you bought something new specifically for the interview or you are wearing that outfit that makes you feel extra confident, go to the next level by getting it professionally cleaned and pressed before you go. There are few things that will give you more confidence than looking in the mirror and seeing a true professional looking back at you in newly pressed clothing.

Read Over Your Notes During Breakfast

By the morning of your interview, you’ve put a lot of research into the company and the hiring manager you are meeting with. Even if you feel like you have everything down, casually take a look at your notes over breakfast. Read them over one more time to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Think of different ways to say certain things that you have rehearsed so that you don’t sound robotic in your delivery. You have all of the information you need, this is your time to fine tune it.

Wear Comfortable, Professional Shoes

Distractions are your enemy during an interview. You want all of your attention to be on the hiring manager and only the hiring manager. Eliminate as many potential distractions as possible before you set foot into the interview, such as uncomfortable shoes (or, really, any type of uncomfortable clothing you may have on). Whether they are too tight, too loose, or just are just generally noticeable during your interview, it will cause your mind to wander. Wear something that you don’t have to give another thought to during your interview.

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