Pass the Cranberries (And the Business Cards): Networking at Thanksgiving Dinner



Thanksgiving is a time where friends and families come together, laugh, and, of course, eat. When you think about it, it is a great time to do a little lite networking if you are looking for a new job. Whether it’s friends of the family you only see once or twice a year, or those family members who live three states over, you will inevitably be asked what you do, which is a great opportunity to maybe get a job connection that you otherwise might not have had. Here are three things you need to do to get the most out of your Thanksgiving networking opportunity:

Have A Plan

While you never know what kind of connections you are going to find throughout the evening, it helps to know what type of help you are looking for. Come up with a mental list of what companies you are targeting and what kind of help you are looking for. Instead of telling people you are broadly looking for a job, explaining to them exactly what you are looking for will allow them to better know how they can help you.

Pick Your Moments

As a conversation starter, friends and family throughout the evening are probably going to ask you what you have been up to. By answering this question by saying that you are looking for a job, you can make the conversation geared towards that. By saying what kind of job you are looking for, they may say that they have a great connection that they will hook you up with on Monday morning. At the very least, you will get someone who can cheer you up and give you some great advice.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

The best advice you can get during a job search is to be yourself. This is true when you are in an interview, and it is true when you are networking. With this in mind, don’t be embarrassed about being between jobs or on the lookout for something better when you talk to friends and family members on Thanksgiving. Everyone has been in your position before, and they know how tough it can be. The great thing about the environment you are in is that you are surrounded by caring people that want to help you. If they have a great connection, or can hook you up with a job themselves, they will be excited to help.

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