Why You Should Keep Looking For A Job During The Holidays


Despite what some job seekers might think, the business world does not grind to a halt during the holidays. In fact, many companies do a large amount of their hiring between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. This means that, as someone who is looking for a job either actively or passively, you want to keep things moving during the holidays. Here are three reasons why the holidays are a great time to apply for jobs:

Companies Have Their 2016 Budgets Set And Have Money To Hire At The Beginning of the Year

Most companies spend much of October and November deciding what type of budget they are going to have in the New Year. This budget will include how much they can spend on new hires. Because of this, they  will begin looking for new talent during the holidays so that they have someone who can start once the New Year rings in. While some may be able to hire one or two new employees, others may have entire new departments opening up that they can hire for.

Companies Are Still Looking For Seasonal Help That Can Be Extended Past the New Year

While some companies hire seasonal help specifically for the holidays in early Fall, others need seasonal help that extends past the holidays. These companies may not be focused on hiring help for the holidays, but instead for the entire winter season where they may see a majority of their sales or shipping. These companies may wait until the holidays to start hiring new employees, and keep them for an extended time.

Other People Are Busy and Have Less Time To Apply

The fact that some people will take a majority of the holidays off from their job search can only benefit you. Less people looking for a job means a better chance for you to grab and interview with your target companies.

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