Rewarding Yourself After A Day of Searching For A Job


You are a hard worker and that applies just as much to finding your next job as it does to doing your job. After a day of meeting your goals going after what you want, you deserve to reward yourself. Here are four ways to treat yourself:

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Whether it’s a blended coffee drink, a brownie, or a giant hot fudge sundae, we all have those sweets that we save for special occasions. You deserve to reward yourself at the end of the day with your favorite sweet treat. Knowing that you’ve earned it will make it taste that much better.

 Do Some Binge-Watching

Chances are you have that TV show that you have fallen behind on, or one that your friends are shocked that you still haven’t started (you really haven’t seen “The Wire” yet?). Now that the work day is done, kick up your feet and enjoy binge-watching that new show you’ve heard so much about, or catching up on a show so you can talk to your friends again without having to listen to spoilers.

 Get Away from Screens

During the course of your daily job search, you can spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. It makes sense, then, that you might want to spend your night doing something a bit different. Turn off your computer, your television and, yes, even your smart phone (don’t worry, you’ll be okay) and enjoy your night being unplugged. Get some exercise, cook a great meal, read a book, a magazine, or try drawing or painting. Get your creative juices flowing!

 Call It an Early Night

You live a busy life, and it’s okay to give into your urges to call it an early night. If you (finally) have a free night with nothing on the schedule, try going to bed early to catch up on your sleep. After a solid nine hours of deep sleep, you’ll be glad you did it in the morning.

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