The Art of the Confidential Job Search: Tips for finding a new job without your current employer finding out


Whether you are actively looking to change jobs or simply keeping your ears open for those once in a lifetime opportunities, searching while currently employed brings a lot of advantages, but also a number of things you need to keep in mind.

Don’t Use Any Work Related Computer, E-mail, or Smart Phone in Your Search

Many companies do regular searches on their work computers, cell phones, and laptops to make sure that they aren’t being used for non-work purposes. Even if this isn’t explicitly written in the company handbook, it’s best to assume that they would not look kindly upon you using their property to look for a new job. With this in mind, do your search on your non-work devices when you are out of the office. It’s also worth noting that you should always use a personal E-mail address when filing out an application or putting together a cover letter.

Keep Your Search Off Of Social Media

Chances are that you have some co-workers on Facebook and LinkedIn, maybe even your manager. Even if you don’t, many companies will take a look at employee’s social media from time to time, meaning that you need to be cognizant of what you have appearing on your page. With this in mind, don’t post about your job search on Social Media. If you need to have a job related question or you want to network, do it through private messaging. You can also set up your Social Media pages so that you can approve any posting, meaning that you won’t get a random post asking how your job search is going.

Don’t Let Your Search Interfere With Your Job

It is possible to balance your current job with your job search. The key is to think of your job search as an “extracurricular” activity, meaning that it shouldn’t have any bearing on your workday. You can look for a job before or after work, but never at work. When you get to the point where you start having interviews, make sure that you schedule them at a time where you won’t have to miss work to do it. If a company is impressed with you and wants to interview you, they will typically work within your schedule. As long as you don’t get sloppy with your current job, you won’t raise suspicion that you are looking to move on.

Heavily Consider Getting Help from a Staffing Company

Staffing companies, like AppleOne, are designed to help professionals who are looking for a better job. They do the searching and relay the results to you, meaning that you cut down on the amount of time that you take on a daily basis to look for a job. Better yet, they do their search confidentially, meaning that they won’t publically post your name, or randomly contact your current employer to get information on you.


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