3 Things To Do At Work Right Now To Ensure A Great Review Next Year


The key to a great workplace review is to plan ahead. While you may have just had your yearly review earlier this month, there is no reason why you can’t start planning for next year. Here are three great things to do at work right now to ensure a great review next year:

Identify Something You Are Going To Accomplish In Each Quarter

Mapping out what you hope to accomplish is a good way to make sure that things get done. Take the time right now to write down what you hope to accomplish each quarter so you can start to put together a battle plan for the year. Make sure your goals match with the goals of your employer and department. If you aren’t sure, schedule some time to discuss with your supervisor now. By planning out your goals now, you can show consistent deliverables throughout the year and have a number of exciting things to discuss as accomplishments in your review.

Start A Journal Of Your Accomplishments

Your accomplishments tend to pile up over the course of a year, so remembering all your successes for your review can be a little tough. Instead of relying on your memory, keep a journal of your accomplishments throughout the year. This way you can better fill out your performance-related paperwork and bring these achievements up during your review.

Review Feedback From Your Most Recent Review And Ensure That You Have Taken Steps To Address Issues

Because there is a lot of information to digest during your review it is important that you go back over your notes and paperwork to properly digest all of the feedback you received. By doing this, you can insure that you take the steps to address any issues that may have been discussed. This way, your supervisor will take notice that you are working to become an even better employee.

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  1. Thanks, this was really helpful. It made me look are re-creating myself and striving for more realistic career goals.

  2. I believe in the the three steps, I have done those in the past with my previous employers. One supervisor I had didn’t agree with my accomplishments, and I disagreed with what she gave me as review. But I will always try my best always.

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