Four Ways That A Job Interview Is Like A Presidential Campaign



We are smack-dab in the middle of primary season with nearly a dozen individuals trying their absolute best to secure your vote. In a sense, these candidates are in a year-long job interview, and they are hoping that you’ll remember them as the best choice when it comes time to make a decision. When you think about it, there are some parallels that you can draw between a Presidential Campaign and the job interviews that you yourself will go on, such as these three:

You Have To Be Ready For Any Possible Question

When you are on the campaign trail, you need to be ready to answer any question that comes up. The same is true when you are in a job interview. While it’s impossible to know everything that a hiring manager is going to ask you, you can properly answer most questions by not only knowing your own work history, but also what the job will entail. While what you say is important, how you say it will matter equally. Answer with confidence, even if you don’t fully know the correct answer, and you’ll come off better than if you struggle to find what “right” answer that might not exist.

Don’t Bring Up Negatives; If They Do, Have A Great Response Ready

A candidate knows that they’re not perfect, even if they may act like they are. Because they want to keep their message positive and focused on what they can bring to the table, they aren’t going to go out of their way to bring up negative aspects of their career, or a lack of relevant experience. When you are in an interview and you know that there is a “glaring” hole in your resume, or a former employer who may not say great things about you, stay on message and don’t bring it up unless the hiring manager asks you about it. They may be so impressed with the other aspects of your resume that they don’t plan on bringing it up. If they do end up asking about it, have a great response ready that will answer the question, and quickly move the interview on to a more positive area of discussion.

You Need To Make Them Remember You, For The Right Reasons

A candidate wants you to remember them when you go into the voter’s booth. Many people make up their mind on whom they are going to vote for at the last minute, so being memorable, for the right reasons, will be beneficial for those who may be wavering with their vote. After a job interview, you want a hiring manager to remember you to. They have to weigh a lot of factors when deciding the “best person” for the job, and it’s not always clear-cut in their mind whom they will pick. If it comes down to two or three people who have the right resume for a job, simply standing out in the mind of the hiring manager could prove to be vital in getting you the job.

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