6 Quick Questions that Determine Cultural Fit

Cultural Fit


Smart employers recognize the importance of culture and complementary work styles on employee engagement, retention, and team effectiveness. Increasingly, prospective employees are also prioritizing fit and appreciate employers who demonstrate they take question of fit seriously. So, with everything else you need to accomplish in an interview from selling the opportunity to evaluating the candidate’s skills and experience, how can you best determine fit? Here are some sample questions that can help you.

  • Can you describe the work environment in which you were most productive and happy?
  • Do you prefer to work on individual projects or as part of the team?
  • Do you like to socialize with your coworkers after work, or do you generally prefer to keep your work colleagues and your friends separate?
  • What qualities do you look for in an ideal boss?
  • What factors do you feel are the most important in a healthy, functional workplace?
  • Walk me through your perfect work day.

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