Thinking About Temporary Work? Here are 4 Good Reasons You Should


While you may be focused on finding a full-time job, it is important that you don’t discount the benefits of temporary work. Temporary work provides a number of advantages, and here are four ways it can work for you:

It’s a Quick Way to Build Your Resume and Gain References

Temporary work is an excellent way to build your resume. Not only will it help you fill in your work history, but it is also a great way to take transitional skills to a new target industry or job function. Additionally, working at a new business allows you to gain new references, such as managers, seasoned employees, and even owners. Professional references in your specific industry are often the key to getting a hotly contested job. In fact, AppleOne’s temporary associates frequently receive offers of direct employment once an employer gets to know them.

You Can Make Money While Continuing Your Full-Time Job Search

Temporary work allows you to make money during your search for a long-term job. Finances can be one of the most stressful aspects of a job search, especially if you are holding out for the right job. Even if you have planned financially for a long job search, having an income stream will allow you to remain comfortable, and it will allow you to think about your long term goals, instead of feeling pressure to take the first job offer that comes along.

It Can Help You Decide What You Want to Do Next

If you aren’t sure about your next step, temporary work can expose you to a number of great companies, industries and jobs options. Often people find that the job track they are on is fine, and that it’s the company culture they really want to change. By having access to a number of different cultures, you are able to identify those parts of the job that can make a real difference in your happiness and the level of success that you can achieve.

You Can Have the Flexibility to Balance Your Busy Life

Often temporary jobs support work-life balance in ways that full-time jobs can’t. Maybe you are a parent who wants to work while kids are in school, but wants to be there for them in the summers. Maybe you’re in school and you want summer work while having the rest of the year available for your class schedule. Maybe you are interested in travel and you want the freedom to alternate between working for a few months to build your travel fund and traveling for a few months to see the world. With temporary work these things are possible.

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