Declare Your Independence: Tips For Finding A New Job Without Setting Off Fireworks with Your Current Employer


We hold these truths to be self-evident that all people deserve a rewarding and fulfilling job. If yours is starting to feel like a grind, it’s time to stand up and get the job you deserve. To ensure that you leave the fireworks for the 4th of July and don’t burn any bridges, here are four tips to help you keep things from detonating:

Keep Your Job Hunt Hush-Hush, Even to Your Work Friends (They’ll Understand)

Your work friends might mean well, but telling them about your new job search could backfire. Things have a tendency to get out in an office environment, and all it takes is a slip of the tongue for everyone from HR to the mailroom to know your intentions. While it might be hard, keep your search to yourself. Your friends will understand as there is a good chance that many of your work friends are dabbling in the idea of new finding a new job themselves.

Keep Your Job Search Separate from Your Current Job

Ignore the temptation to bring your job search with you to work. This means there should be no looking for a new job on a work computer. Do your searching at home on your personal computer. You have plenty of time to search for a new job without bringing it to work.

Keep Interviews Outside Of Your Normal Work Time, Or Aim for Your Lunch Hour

Hiring managers are used to interviewing employed candidates, and they will try work around your schedule, when needed. They may be able to interview you during your lunch period, or before or after normal work hours so you don’t need to call in sick or come in late. Just be upfront about your schedule and see what they are willing to accommodate.

When The Time Comes To Leave, Give Your Current Employer Plenty of Notice and Make Sure Things Are Set Up for Your Successor

One sure way to burn bridges with your current employer is to bail on them unannounced when you get a new job. Most companies understand that employees’ needs change, and that changing jobs is a part of business. What they don’t understand is someone not helping them properly transition. While two weeks is standard, give more time, if possible. Make sure that the company is in a good place when you leave. They may have you train your replacement, which you should tackle with gusto. If they do let you go the day you give notice, don’t take it personally. The best way to celebrate your own Independence is to go with the flow and let your soon-to-be ex-employers figure out the best way to transition.

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