Don’t Let That Internship Go to Waste – How to Wrap Things Up and Finish with Style

You’ve been working hard and your internship is drawing to a close. While your managers and co-workers may have marveled at your work ethic and potential, it is important that you stick the landing. You want to leave on a high note and make a lasting impression on your managers and co-workers so they will be happy to help you if you need advice or a strong reference in the future.  Here are four things you need to do in order to bring your internship to a successful close:

Share What You Have Learned With Your Manager and the Impact the Opportunity Has Had on You

Part of bringing on an intern is a genuine desire to help somebody prepare their career. Make your boss feel great by confirming that they really did help and teach you a lot. Go into detail about what you learned and accomplished under their tutelage and describe the impact they will have on your career and future.

Establish LinkedIn Connections with Everyone You Met

While you may have individuals in your office that you plan to keep in touch with, it is important that you establish LinkedIn connections with everyone you met during your internship. Networking is vital to your future job prospects. One of the things many young people say is that they can’t network because they don’t have any connections. Now you do, so it’s important to get them down in a system that is designed to help you keep track of them as they and you move from job to job. Your former co-workers may move into power positions in companies that you are targeting when you graduate. Simply knowing someone who can recommend you during the application process can significantly increase your chances of being hired.

Keep Your Energy Up and Finish Your Assignments Before You Leave

The last several weeks of your internship can be extremely busy. While your schedule may be populated with wrap-up meetings and “farewell” lunches, it is important that you stay focused and show your commitment until your assignment is officially over. Make sure all projects are finished, and tie up all loose ends. Aim to make your last week on the job your best week!

Hand-Deliver a ‘Thank You’ Card for the Office

While you may have said a big ‘thank you’ to everyone that you worked with during your internship, it is important that you hand deliver a card thanking the entire office on your last day. You don’t need to write an essay on what you learned, just a simple, heartfelt thank you would do. You should also consider writing an individual note to people you worked with closely during your internship such as managers and team members.

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