Today’s the Day – Let’s Get Started on that Goal!


Whether it’s finding a new job, getting in shape or going back to school, if there’s something in your life you’ve been meaning to do (and who doesn’t have at least one something?), this is the day you get started. We know, there are plenty of reasons to wait, but here’s why you absolutely can, and must, get started right now.  

Start Small What Can you Do Right Now? 

Big life changes can be scary. Little tasks are easy. It’s OK to start small and build. The key is to start, so find any part of your goal that you can start on right now will do. It could be as simple as writing down your goal and sharing your plans with significant people in your life so that you’re committed to doing it.  Find the smallest thing that you can do right now and do it right now.  

Plan Your Next Step And Give Yourself a Deadline

Planning is important, but too much planning can be an excuse not to get started. You don’t need to have the whole plan right now, but you do need to have the next step. As soon as you complete a step, write down your next step, and give yourself a deadline to get it done. Before you know it you’ll have made real progress towards this goal that’s been lingering, and you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to get started on it. 

Don’t Just Celebrate the Milestones. Celebrate the Cobblestones. 

No matter how small, every step you take is progress towards achieving your goal. Allow yourself a moment to feel good and energized by each step you take. By acknowledging that you are taking an active step towards achieving your goal, you set-up a feedback loop that will keep you driving forward. Every time you celebrate a small step, you’ll see how much of a big leap you’ve made in your progression!

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