One Important Step in Your Self Improvement Routine You May Be Forgetting


When you are working on a self-improvement endeavor, it’s important to take a step back from time-to-time, and take stock of what you have achieved. Even when your projects are still works-in-progress, recognizing and celebrating your achievements is a key part of reaching your ultimate goals. Here are three reasons you should take time to celebrate your achievements:

It Allows You to Take Stock of What You Have Achieved

When you are always focused on the next goal, it’s easy to lose sight of how far you have come. Make it a point to stop every time you reach a mini-goal and look at what you have been able to accomplish to this point.

It Gets You Excited For Achieving Future Goals

Because self-improvement is a process, setting smaller goals that will help you reach your ultimate goal is important. Having these goals won’t just help better structure a long-term projects (a six hour drive is always less daunting when you cut it up into four 90 minute drives with breaks in between), but it will also allow you to celebrate what you have achieved, which will get you excited for achieving future goals. As you celebrate hitting your current goal, you’ll also condition yourself to look forward to the next celebration when you hit your next goal.

It Reminds You That You Can Achieve What You Put Your Mind Towards

Celebrating an achievement doesn’t just allow you to revel in what you have accomplished in the moment, but it will also serve as a reminder that you can achieve what you put your mind towards. Allowing this idea to stick in your head will come in handy if you start to doubt yourself in future situations. There is no better motivation to keep working on a project than to know that you’ve conquered challenges, in the past.

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