Need a New Career? Three Fields With Good Job, And Salary, Growth!

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Looking for a career with a great future? While they may not get the attention that newer fields can get, our annual 2018 SCALE survey found that there continues to be salary growth in some tried and true careers that have been around for generations. Here are three that may surprise you:

Customer Service Representative/Manager

Customer and client experience has always been a focus for companies, and in the age of social media and review sites, the concern has been taken up a notch. More than 60% of consumers say they will take their business elsewhere if they have a negative experience, and it is seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one, so customer service skills are very much in demand. This is why we see continued, steady growth in the field with more than 136,000 new customer services jobs projected to be added by 2026. In addition, salaries for both reps and management saw higher-than-average jumps over the last year.

Planner (Meeting, Event, Convention, etc.)

Studies have shown that both customers and clients are more likely to interact with a company if they can put a human face to it, which is one of the reasons that the Event Planning field continues to see growth in recent years. Convention and event attendance is increasing by roughly 3% each year, and with the opportunity to meet more clients and potential customers in person, the field is looking to add more than 11,000 jobs by 2026. Salaries are also growing at an above average rate, with the yearly increase being among the top in the field.


The accounting field is an example of employers embracing technology without necessarily replacing employees. While technology is coming out each year making it easier for businesses to track their money and taxes, companies aren’t getting rid of accountants and auditors. In fact, the industry is on pace to add 140,300 jobs by 2026, a 10% jump from the last 10-year period, with salaries increasing as well.

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