Ready For Your Time Off? 5 Things You Must Do Before You Leave The Office


The last day before you take some well-deserved time off can give you the same feeling of giddy anticipation you felt on the last day of school. The day before you start your vacation may involve a bit of clock watching (you can’t help it), but there are a couple of things you need to do before the (metaphorical) bell rings:

Update Coworkers and Important Clients

We tend to work in interconnected workplaces where our clients and coworkers depend on us. It’s always good to remind people in advance that you are going to be out so they can get anything they need from you before you leave. Set a reminder to make this announcement a few days before the start of your vacation. The farther in advance you let people know, the easier it is for them and you to prepare.

Take Care of Projects that May Nag You During Your Time Off (or at Least Take a Bit Out of Them)

The last thing you want is to have a waiting project gnawing at the back of your mind during your time off. Your vacation will be more relaxing and refreshing if you don’t have to worry about uncompleted work. Even if you aren’t going to be able to finish the project before you leave, getting as much done as possible will help you feel more confident, thus lessening your worry while you are out of the office.

Clear Out Your Inbox

Another example of “better now than later,” clearing out your Inbox before you leave will help you tie up any loose ends. This won’t just give you better peace of mind. It makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks while you are gone.

Take Your Stuff Out of the Kitchen Fridge

Do a service to those in the office: scan the fridge and take anything perishable when you leave. Creamer and frozen items can stay, but make a sweep to be sure you aren’t leaving any leftovers from lunch that could become an unpleasant surprise to the poor co-worker who opens the fridge to discover your spoiled food.

Update Voice Mail Greetings and Email Out-of-Office Messages

Have you ever tried to get a quick answer from someone, only to find out, after several frantic emails, that they are out of the office for the week and they forgot to put their Out-Of-Office up? Don’t be that person. Take advantage of the preset options that are available on most programs and set it up right now.

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