Want To Get Your Application Noticed? How To Follow Up To Get The Job


Did you just apply for a job that is right up your alley? Knowing how to follow up with the employer can be the key to getting to the next step in the hiring process. Here are five tips that will help make following-up effective:

Take Note of Any Employer Instructions

Before you consider the best way to follow-up with an employer, take note of any special instructions that were included in the job ad or application. Some companies will explicitly tell you not to follow up, or may give you special instructions on how to do so. One of the easiest ways to get disqualified from a job is to break one of these rules, so always read the job ad thoroughly.

Give Them Time to Review Your Application

While it’s true that we are seeing more compact hiring windows, companies still have internal procedures to follow when it comes to sorting through applications. It’s important to give Hiring Managers some time to sort through resumes to get an idea of what they have. Typically, give them at least a week before following up. This allows you to seem eager about the job without also seeming impatient and pushy.

When You Do Follow Up, Make a Human Connection

When it does come time to follow up, calling the company, and, preferably, getting in touch with the Hiring Manager themselves, is the preferred way to go. You can also send an email if you have an address for the Hiring Manager or a specific contact at the company, but if it comes to a choice between a general phone number and a general e-mail address, go with the human connection and make the call (it takes away the risk of getting lost in the Inbox as well).

(Briefly) Reaffirm Your Interest in the Job

Whether by phone or email, always start your inquiry with your name and the position you applied for. From there, briefly highlight why you are an ideal match. Finish the call by mentioning your excitement regarding the next step and offering your availability for any questions the company may have.

Keep a Contact Log

The average job seeker is juggling a variety of different opportunities at once, making the need for documenting each step of the process vital. Creating a contact log allows you to keep your progress with each employer up to date, keeping track of who you talked to and when. By doing this, you can keep a schedule of when to follow up, who to contact, and when it may be time to move on and put your focus on different opportunities.

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