Three Ways to Make Employees Feel Loved and Appreciated


As a manager, one of your most important responsibilities is making your employees feel truly valued. With unemployment at record lows and today’s employees placing equal importance in pay and meaningful work roles and contributions, the formerly fast fix of financial incentives isn’t as powerful as it was. So what can you do so your top people stay, and stay happy with their jobs?

Appreciate as You Delegate

Experts found that a large part of feeling valued occurs when employees are aware that they add something to the company that no one else can. As a manager, you can cultivate the habit of working sincere praise into conversations you have when assigning new tasks, reviewing progress, or delegating responsibilities. Maybe say, “That was a great presentation! We are presenting to new client and I believe we have found our secret weapon for winning them over – how do you feel about doing the presentation when we meet with them?” Or, “Your streamlining our ordering system has really improved the process. Can you help the inventory team figure out a more efficient way to manage our inventory?”

Relay Rave Reviews

While kudos from the boss are always a good thing, it can become par for the course. It’s not that you should hold back on well-earned positive reinforcement, but take note of positive feedback from colleagues, customers, and other people and be sure to pass them on. You can relay the compliment during a one-on-one conversation, during team meetings – or even in the company newsletter. Hearing that their managers received praise about them from other people goes a long way towards making employees feel their efforts are seen, appreciated, and valued.

Advocate Ambition

Many managers notice that their best employees are the ones who are always looking for new challenges. Whether they are duties that are beyond the employees’ job descriptions or ‘pay grade’, or bigger projects with greater impact and even higher visibility, do all you can to keep their enthusiasm going. Give them assignments they can truly sink their teeth into, or, if they have their own ideas for improvement or innovation, encourage and support them into making these come into fruition. Investing trust, support, and encouragement into stellar employees makes them shine even brighter – and, more importantly, keeps your keepers engaged through positive challenges.

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