How to Position Yourself for a Promotion


You are ready to take your career to the next level, but how do you take the necessary steps to position yourself for a promotion? Different companies handle promotions in different ways, but there are some universal things you can do that will help you get yourself on the right path towards taking the next step in your career.

Find a Mentor in the Company

A mentor can help you understand what is required for promotion to the next level within your company. They already know who grants promotions, how the decision to promote somebody is made, and what you can work on to improve your chances. Mentors can also give you advice on when to approach management with a proposal, and how the process typically goes from there. Many companies offer mentoring programs, so ask your manager, or HR, for more information.

Become the Subject Matter Expert the Company Needs

Job searches cost a company time and money, which is why 85% of job openings are handled on an internal level, with hires coming from within the company. When you recognize what skills your company needs and develop those skills, you put you at the top of the list once a position becomes available. You can approach this by suggesting training opportunities to your boss and then asking to be made a part of projects where you can demonstrate the value of those new skills.

Keep Track of What You Have Achieved

Just because management is giving you kudos on your accomplishments doesn’t mean they will remember them when it’s time to make a case for a promotion. Keep track of your accomplishments in a journal or spreadsheet. Be sure to always include tangible numbers that give your success some dimension.

Consider Your Career Path, and Whether Your Current Company Still Fits

You may find your current employer cannot provide the growth opportunities that will support your goals. That is the perfect time to begin considering other employers that could allow you to grow in your preferred direction. An employment service such as AppleOne can help you understand what other opportunities may be available and can serve as a confidential sounding board as you explore your career potential both within and outside of your current employer. Contact a Local AppleOne Hiring Advisor or view available positions.

Don’t Let a Great Career Opportunity Slip You By

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