Four Expert Tips for Having a Great First Week at Your New Job


Starting a new job can fill you with an equal mixture of excitement and worry, and while it is natural to have some butterflies in your stomach, these tips will help you hit the ground running and have a great first week in the office:

Observe Before You Try to “Adapt”

Every office is different, and one of the best ways to adjust to your new workplace is to spend your first week observing and easing into its pace and culture. Instead of trying to instantly jump into the flow, give yourself a few days to learn how things work. Learn how people communicate, where, and when, they interact, and everyone’s typical pace. This will take the stress off you to feel like you immediately need to fit in, and it will help you make a great first impression with your coworkers.

Learn the 411 on the Coffee

What’s the deal with the coffee at your new office? It may not seem like the most pressing question on your first day, but if you drink coffee throughout the day, it is something you need to know about ASAP. In a more general way, it is important to know what items in the breakroom, and in any other common area, are “community,” and what you need to ask about. This includes coffee cups and the all-important creamer. Quick tip: have someone show you how to use the coffee machine so you can make a new batch; your co-workers will both notice and appreciate this!

Bring Your Lunch

While it may be tempting to check out the food options in the vicinity of your new place of employment, try and stay put the first week by packing your own lunch. You may be taken out on the first day by your manager or your coworkers, but if left to your own devices stick around and get acquainted with those around you. You may learn that nobody really sticks around for lunch, but at least you’ll know early on.

Leave the Earbuds at Home

You may do your best work while listening to music on your earbuds, and while many employers are fine with this, it is best to leave them at home the first week. Even if you are given the okay to use them, it is best not to the first week, both because music may distract you during training, and because it could give people the wrong idea about your focus. In addition, having your headphones on may stop your coworkers from feeling like they can come over and interact with you.

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