How to Ace a Phone Interview


Phone interviews are an expected part of today’s hiring process, and Hiring Managers like to use them as a way to pre-screen the candidate before considering a face-to-face interview. Succeeding in a phone interview is about being able to show that you are a fit for the job, and these tips will help you ace the process:

Give Extra Emphasis on Job Matching

Phone interviews are often more about skill than fit, so emphasizing your experience and skill set is important. This is where job matching comes into play. As you prep for the interview, use the job ad to identify the skill and experience priorities for the position, then match your own background towards filling these needs. Doing this allows you to focus your answers directly on the exact skills the Hiring Manager is specifically looking for. You can find more info on job matching here.

Have a Cheat Sheet on Hand

One of the biggest benefits to a phone interview is not having to worry about eye contact, meaning that you have the ability to freely look at notes throughout your screening. Having a “cheat sheet” handy is especially beneficial when referring to numbers. Being able to give a percent and dollar amount to your successes helps give it context and validity.

Be Ready With Questions

Though phone interviews may seem a bit less formal than face-to-face ones, Hiring Manager still expect you to have some questions to ask at the end of the screening. These questions will help you get valuable information on both the job and the hiring process, and it also shows that you are interested and have done your homework. As you do your prep, pick a few questions that are relevant to the job and the company. Also, take advantage of being able to freely take notes during the interview and jot down any questions that come to mind.

Ask for the Next Interview

As the interview wraps up, make sure that next steps are discussed. This is another chance to show your enthusiasm for the job and moving forward in the process. Don’t be afraid to ask for the next interview and even give them a time that works for you. For example:  “After everything you told me about this job, I am very interested in proceeding to the next level. It sounds like I am a good fit for your requirements. Would the next step be an in-person meeting? I can make myself available Tuesday if that works for you.”

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