Don’t Fall Behind on Your Holiday Hiring!


It may still feel like summer in some places, but fall has officially begun – and seasonal hiring has started to heat up. Projections of a livelier shopping season and a tightening labor market could make for a challenging seasonal hiring experience for unprepared employers.

If your company typically ramps up hiring, or even just takes on a few additional staff, to cover employees taking holiday vacations, starting now can give you a significant advantage. Although you may not need to hire for a few more weeks or even months, getting the process started – from determining what positions you will need to fill, to writing job descriptions, to sending ‘feelers’ to your network of connections – can spell the difference between enjoying or dreading that “holiday rush.”

Here are three tips to ensure you find the kind of seasonal employees that don’t end up on your “Naughty List.”

Start Early: It’s just like holiday shopping. The best picks typically get snapped up quickly, so don’t wait too long.

Hire Ambitiously: Even if the jobs are short-term, hire the best people you can find. It’s always good to have choices and you may find yourself wanting to keep top performers on past the seasonal rush. If you come across an otherwise ‘overqualified’ candidates who meets (and probably exceeds) your requirements, consider them – they are bound to be star performers who will impress your clients and customers.

Encourage Success: Whether they are seasonal, temporary, or contract workers, they are still professionals who will work for and represent your company. They will potentially interact with your team and even your clients or customers, so take the time to onboard them and then manage their performance based on clearly established goals and expectations.

Hiring for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful. With some planning and timely action, you can give yourself the gift of a worry-free season that gives you and your team time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

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