3 Hacks That Can Help You Move The Hiring Process Along


How long does it take between sending in your application and securing the job? The average Hiring Process in the United States takes around 30 days for a full-time employee, and even longer when it comes to a senior management position. While some patience will be required, there are some things you can do in order to help the process along, and keep things from going stagnant:

Follow Instructions, And Stay On Their Schedule

It may sound like obvious advice, but it is worth remembering: following instructions during the hiring process is extremely important. Companies have very specific ways that they handle hiring, and not following through on a request ASAP could delay the process, and even disqualify you from the job. In fact, many Hiring Managers use these instructions to weed out candidates who are not fully paying attention. If they ask you for something, even if it is something that you’ve already given them, send it ASAP. Stay on their schedule and do not give them a reason to make the process any longer than it has to be.

Ask About Next Steps

It’s good to know about a company’s hiring process, and most companies will be upfront about “what’s next” if you simply ask them. Not only does this help you stay in the loop about what you can expect next in the process, you can help move the conversation forward, while showing that you are excited about taking the next steps. It is never a bad thing to show your enthusiasm, especially if you can do it in a way that can also give you some valuable information.

Contact Them… Especially If They Are Not Calling You

One of the reasons hiring can take so darn long is because, honestly, Hiring Managers are busy and may be trying to fill a variety of positions at any given time. This means that their follow-through in keeping you up to date with developments may leave something to be desired. If your Hiring Manager was supposed to contact you by a certain date and that date passes without a call, contact them. It could be that the process has moved to the next stage, but they simply have not had time to call and tell the candidates. As long as you do not overdo the privilege, a Hiring Manager is not going to get upset if you show interest in the job. Even if there wasn’t a specific date mentioned, if you have not received an email or a phone call in week or so, it does not hurt to send an email or call the receptionist.

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