Proceed With Caution: Three Mistakes Professionals Can Make During the Holidays


The holidays are a time for fun and good cheer, and while there is plenty of it to go around, as a professional it’s important that you don’t do anything that can put you on the naughty list with management. So as you prepare to deck the halls, here are three things to watch out for that could come back to haunt you like you were Ebenezer Scrooge:

Getting a Little “Too” Into The Spirit(s) At Your Holiday Party

No one wants to be “that person” at the holiday party. You know, the person who maybe took advantage of the open bar a little too much, or was overheard airing grievances about a manager a bit too loudly. Holiday parties are meant to be fun and are a chance for your colleagues to celebrate the season. But don’t let the loose atmosphere of the event fool you: you are still at a work function, and you are expected to present yourself as a professional. So before you decide to use the extra drink ticket coworkers left you, or tell a coworker all of the things that are wrong with management, it’s best that you take a step back and remember where you are.

Not Paying Attention To Who Is Tagging You In Photos

Speaking of holiday parties and merriment, you may be paying close attention to what you are posting during the holidays, but are friends and family members taking the same care? While you may be smart enough to not publish photos that can be taken way out of context, an acquaintance may not have the same standards of what they post, and they may decide to tag you. Management, current and future, doesn’t just look at your personal social media pages, they will search your name to see what comes up. If an unflattering photo shows up, they aren’t going to take context into account, and it may cost you a job opportunity. Tell your friends not to tag you, set your profiles up so you have to approve tagging, and do a search on a regular basis to see what comes up.

Taking Your Foot Off The Gas At Work

Many industries slow down a bit during the holidays, meaning that workloads may be lessened and the vibe around the office may feel a bit more casual. One of the common mistakes that people make during this time is taking the casual vibe at work a bit too seriously and  slacking off a bit. Make sure you get to work on time, get your work done, and just generally look busy. The holiday season is typically a good time to catch up on work that you haven’t had a chance to do during busier times.

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