What Day Should I Be Applying For A Job?


Everyone’s looking to get an edge in their job search, so as a job seeker, you may have asked yourself the following question: Is there a specific day I can send in my resume that increases my chances of getting an interview?

A recent study of 4,000 applicants showed that Monday morning before 10am is the best time to apply for a job. When looking at who was invited to interview, applications sent on Monday between 6am-10am had a 46% higher success rate than other times during the week.

While experiences are going to vary by region and profession, there is a logic as to why Monday morning yields better results: Monday is the most productive day of the week and a fresh resume on Monday morning may get a more focused look from a Hiring Manager than one that they read later in the week.

This doesn’t mean that Monday is the only day you should apply. The same study shows that Thursday applicants have the second best chance of getting an interview, with Tuesday and Wednesday close behind. The worst days to apply? Friday and Saturday, which makes sense considering that most Hiring Managers aren’t checking resumes on Friday afternoon, let alone the weekend.

The bottom line: Monday is statistically the best, but Tuesday through Thursday are good bets as well. Oh, and enjoy your weekend.

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