It’s Time to Start Looking for a Job.

Despite the continuing struggles of a pandemic economy, the job market remains open and companies are hiring. While it may be tempting to hold off on looking for a job, starting your search right now has many benefits including a less-crowded field and improved leverage. Here are four reasons why you should start looking now:

There is Less Competition (for now)

There are an estimated 47 million Americans who have filed unemployment claims over the last four months, many of which receive extra benefits via the CARES . These benefits may be giving job seekers time to consider their next move, but once the program expires you can expect a flooded job market. This means there will be more competition at some point, with millions of candidates pouring into the job market. Starting now will allow you to get in front of the wave of candidates and avoid job competition. This is especially important if you are in a specialized field, or one currently experiencing growth.

Your Leverage Is Better 

A high number of unemployed people in a specific field complicates salary and scheduling demands. Sure, companies want to hire the best individuals for the job, but if multiple candidates have the same work experience and skill base, asking for a higher salary, or making specific demands, even if they are logical, may negatively impact your chances of getting hired. If you can start applying today, you’ll find more flexibility in salary negotiation, and have a better chance securing the fringe benefits you’re looking for.

Avoid Employment Gaps and Gain Skills

While having gaps in your employment won’t automatically disqualify you from a job, it will raise questions. The smaller the gap, the better off your resume will look.  Consider filling these gaps with part-time jobs or volunteer work. Part-time work will also help you gain additional skills, such as learning new software, while volunteer experience shows your willingness to engage in team activities.

Get Ahead by Putting Your Foot in the Door

Hiring can be expensive and time-consuming, so many companies will hire from within when given the chance. This gives employees the opportunity to work their way into new opportunities because they already have a foot in the door. Securing a temporary position now can pay dividends in the future as the economy starts to improve and companies start to increase hiring. While certain positions may not have exactly what you are looking for today, that foot in the door will help you step into better positions when they become available.

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