The Era of Climate Positivity

Sustainability is a term that’s gained an increasing amount of weight and significance in the past decade. But how will sustainability and eco-friendly measures come to define the first half of the 2020s?

With the recent advent of remote work and the ever-changing dynamics of the office, companies are becoming much more aware of the measures they can implement to reduce their environmental impact. Market demands also reflect this shift; consumers and employees are establishing sustainability-related requirements for the companies they purchase from and work for, respectively.

However, the demands of environmental awareness are starting to progress beyond reducing impact. Companies, consumers, and employees are all looking inward to ask themselves, “How can I go a step further than reducing my negative impact on the environment and begin to increase my positive impact?”

Office Spaces Re-imagined

As a result of the rise of remote work and a decreased need for office spaces, there is a growing opportunity for companies to strategize their environmental action. The workplace of the future is undoubtedly one that’s sustainable, but positioning yourself or your company as innovative with eco-friendly measures requires a future-proofing strategy. How can we consistently reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing updated practices? What steps can we take to impact the environment positively? How can we push past reducing our impact and begin repairing the effects of large-scale pollution?

For many companies and employees, these changes start in the office. Now that the ‘office’ exists in numerous forms, businesses are becoming more cognizant of the sustainable changes they can implement while significantly reducing costs. Smart workspaces lessen the need for environmentally damaging gasses and allow us to gather data for optimizing offices;[i] Digital coworking spaces increase workforce agility and reduce office and commuting costs.[ii]

Redefining Your Brand and Processes

The incentive for companies to reduce their impact on the environment is growing exponentially. Companies shifting from physical to virtual recruiting are noticing financial and efficiency benefits.[iii] Businesses that implement digital processes and platforms for their operations are experiencing noteworthy time savings, increased employee retention,[iv] and improved employee performance.[v]

Additionally, companies stand to gain improved cost savings, and employee morale.  Improved employee morale is particularly important, offering businesses an opportunity to revamp their company culture and brand. When employees see your business is committed to positively impacting the environment, they’ll become equally cognizant of their impact. This is where a perspective shift from sustainability to climate positivity becomes viable.[vi]

Sustainability is a recurring statement, and climate positivity is a lifestyle. Brands that are climate positive go beyond reducing their environmental impact by partnering with eco-friendly initiatives and organizations, completely removing pollutants from workspace operations where possible, and setting the tone for their peers by innovating with sustainable design and practices. Rebuilding your brand as one that’s climate positive will enable your company to fully reap the benefits of this modern market of sustainability, showcasing values and principles to employees and consumers alike.

If you’re a company looking for highly-skilled talent to join you on your journey towards climate positivity, or you’re a candidate looking for a positively impactful business whose culture aligns with your values, AppleOne has the tools, resources, and experience to make your vision a reality. Learn more about how AppleOne can partner with you and meet your unique needs at







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