In Celebration of World Health Day

On World Health Day, we reflect on human wellness and the environmental factors being negatively impacted by our work, transport, and everyday activities, and look inward to determine ways we can reduce and undo the damage. By reflecting on our past and present actions, we can work together towards a better, healthier future for humanity and our planet.

Recently, in the workplace in particular, numerous companies have begun working to track and reduce the scope of their emissions. Through the pandemic-era office changes, companies have been forced to implement more sustainable, climate positive workplace practices. By implementing remote work, decreasing energy usage and waste in offices, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, more than 60% of companies have begun to put their sustainability strategy into effect.[1]  

Sustainability in the workplace creates benefits for employers, employees, and our planet. Remote work has given both employers and employees access to global opportunities, and limited office usage has directly decreased greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, the WHO is looking forward and aiming to pioneer ‘well-being societies,’ where ecological sustainability, human well-being, and equity are all held as values and goals. Whether it’s using less plastic, walking or using public transport, or buying fresh groceries instead of processed foods, we can all make a measurable difference by making small changes to our daily lifestyles for a better, healthier tomorrow.


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